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Nordkap - canvas


Content: 1.6 m² (£8.12 / 1 m²)
Sample price: £1.00
Product number: 1011.0149
Product information "Nordkap - canvas"

Nordkap - canvas

• 100% cotton
• Heavy and robust fabric
• 2/2 panama weave
• Untreated / natural

Width: 160 cm
Weight: 370 g/m² (600 g/ml)

Can be used for/as:
• Tents (knight, middle ages, indians, vikings, tepee, market stand, plane)
• Awnings, shadowing, canvas

Thanks to the 2/2 panama weave and the naturalness, the product has a nice historic tent-fabric-look. This product has no chemical impregnation and is thus absolutely natural. After processing, an impregnation can be applied. Because of the high product density, the fabric has a natural water-repellent function. If there is water on the fabric for a longer time, the top will start to wet. After 1-2 days the back gets wet, only after 2-3 days some drops are going to penetrate the fabric.
Shrinkage values after first 40° wash: 2% in the weft, 8% in the warp. With less washing-temperature, the product is going to have a lower shrinkage after the first wash. The water-repellent function disappears after the first wash.

Material: 100% Cotton
Colour: Nature-Ecru
Width cm: 160
Weight g/m²: 370
Weight g/ml: 600
Feature: Breathable, Opaque
Utilisation: Canopy/Pavilion, Hard wearing/durable clothes, Market stall, Middle Ages, Sunshade/Awning, Tents/Tipi, Viking
Delivery time: 3-5 working days