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Jeany - 12,5oz denim jeans fabric - Dark blue

Content: 1.45 m² (£10.34 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Jeany - 12,5oz denim jeans fabric - Light blue

Content: 1.45 m² (£10.34 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
DENIM - jeans fabric

Content: 1.5 m² (£6.66 / 1 m²)

Jeany - 12,5oz denim jeans fabric - Black

Content: 1.47 m² (£10.20 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Peyton - Elasticated denim jeans - Black

Content: 1.49 m² (£10.06 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
£14.99 £22.99 (34.8% saved)
Urban Denim - Fine Oeko-Tex® Genuine Denim - Transversely Elastic

Content: 1.44 m² (£9.02 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Selwyn - Genuine Denim - Elastic - Black

Content: 1.5 m² (£9.99 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Winnie - Thermal jeans double fabric - Black

Content: 1.48 m² (£15.53 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Kya - Oeko-Tex® Black Denim

Content: 1.37 m² (£9.48 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Amicus - Genuine jeans - Cosmos anthracite

Content: 1.44 m² (£11.10 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Jamal - Jeans outer fabric laminate with climate membrane - Black

Content: 1.52 m² (£13.15 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Mailynn - Elasticated denim jeans - Navy

Content: 1.56 m² (£8.33 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00
Knievel - 3-layer laminate jeans - black

Content: 1.56 m² (£17.30 / 1 m²)

Sample price: £1.00

Jeans fabrics by the metre

It's impossible to imagine our wardrobe without denim! Whether as trousers, dresses or jackets, the fabric is ideal for combining and styling. And not just recently either - jeans have been a firm favourite for work and everyday wear since the middle of the 19th century.

A few perfectly fitting denim garments are part of every wardrobe as basics, which is why we attach particular importance to selecting high-quality denim fabrics for you.

Can't find the perfect fabric for your new denim it-piece here? Send us a message and we'll do our best to organise a suitable fabric for you.

Important properties and the production of denim fabrics

Whether classic in navy/dark blue, elegant in black or summery in bright colours, you can find denim fabrics in a wide variety of designs. 

The twill weave usually has coloured threads in the weft direction and white threads in the warp direction, which is why most jeans are only coloured on one side and light on the other. The classic denim structure is therefore created during production by the weave.

The colouring can vary depending on the type of fabric. You will therefore usually find a photo of the reverse side of the fabric with our products so that you can include this in your selection. 

Most denim fabrics are made of cotton or a blend of cotton with elastane or polyester. By adding synthetic fibres, for example, increased elasticity or abrasion resistance can be achieved. Without elastane, normal denim is inelastic.

Jeans are generally known and particularly popular due to their robustness and resulting durability.

Inspiration for your next sewing project made from denim by the metre

  • Clothing such as trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, overalls, dungarees, waistcoats, shirts, blouses or jackets
  • Leisure and workwear
  • Accessories such as bags, rucksacks or hats

Care instructions

If necessary, denim fabrics are best washed at 30° on a gentle cycle. However, it is often sufficient to simply let garments such as jeans air out a little and only wash them in the washing machine when they are really dirty or after frequent wear. This is the best way to preserve colour and shape.

Especially with brand new fabrics, make sure that there are no other coloured items in the washing machine, as denim often loses colour at the beginning.

Tip: Is your denim fabric faded? As a cotton fabric, denim can be dyed. This way you can give your favourite trousers a few more years of life.

It is best to hang the denim loosely to dry. They can then be ironed at a moderately hot temperature (2 points on the iron).