The delivery is made duty unpaid and untaxed from Germany.
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• Do I have to register to be able to order?

No, you can also order as a guest without having to create a user account.

Can I only order whole meters or do I get less or a special size?

Due to the shop system, unfortunately it is only possible to order whole meters.

I have a business. Do I get special dealer prices?

Please register with us as a Business Customer on our B2B platform:

Can I also order by phone?

Since we always need the order in writing, please send it via shop or via e-mail to .



How much are the shipping costs?

All information about regular shipping can be found at: Delivery
If necessary, higher shipping costs will be incurred for express shipping, which are displayed to you during the order process.

With which service provider are the packages sent?

We regularly ship with DPD.

Is there a shipment tracking number?

After your order has been processed by us, you will receive an email with the associated tracking number to the email address you provided.

My package was sent back to you. Can you send it again?

Once the package has arrived, we can send it again if you wish. Please send us once again the corresponding shipping costs by PayPal or bank transfer.

I have discovered a mistake in my address, what can I do?

Please send us an e-mail to: immediately so that we can correct the address in good time. If the package is already shipped, it is best to wait for it to arrive.

How much time does the delivery take?

As a rule, the orders are packed and shipped within 3-5 days.
Please keep in mind that we will be in the weekend from Friday 4:00 pm and no orders are processed until Monday morning.
Accordingly, we have a lot to do on Mondays and, of course, older orders (as well as express orders) take preference.

My sample order has not yet arrived. What shall I do?

Sometimes the post takes a bit longer. If the order is still not available to you after a week, please send us an e-mail with the order number:
We will then check the process and resend the order if necessary.

My package has not arrived yet.

Please check the status of the shipment tracking first. If the package information is unavailable, please contact us with the order number at:

I have placed several orders. Can they be shipped in one package?

Yes, this is possible but please send us an e-mail immediately after the orders have been placed, so that we can combine the orders in time.
If you have paid the shipping costs twice, we will of course refund you the shipping costs.



What types of payment are possible?

All information about our payment methods can be found at:



The ordered fabrics are not as expected. What should I do?

We offer in advance that you can order fabric samples of our goods, in order to be able to look at the color and texture. This way you can avoid ordering incorrectly.



I can’t reach anyone. I do not get an answer.

Please check your spam folder if you have not already received a reply from us.
We give our best every day to answer all mails as quickly as possible.
As a rule, this does not take more than 1-2 days.



I forgot my password. What can I do?

On the login page you will find a link under the input fields called "Forgot your password?" Once you have entered your e-mail address and a short confirmation, you will be given a new password.

I can’t log in, but my user name & password are correct.

Please make sure that you are in the right shop first.
(The wholesale shop is )



Can I have fabrics in special sizes on request?

Please send us an e-mail with all important information to we will check your request and then get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a question about a product.Whom should I contact?

Please check our Website first, If you do not find desired information in the description, please send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



I am a blogger and would like to blog about your fabrics. What do I have to do?

Please send us an e-mail to: with all important information. Our marketing department will contact you as soon as possible.